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Don't break the Preservation Chain

We offer efficient and advanced solutions for filtering and controlling air quality at all stages of the supply chain. In this way we ensure that products reach the market in the best conditions of freshness for consumption.

The Preservation Chain

It is a reality referred to the control and preservation of the quality of the air that surrounds the fruits, vegetables and fruits in the post-harvest phase.

In this phase it is vital to use systems that eliminate, minimize and control the agents that can deteriorate them, such as ethylene and other volatile organic compounds typical of the natural ripening process, as well as spores and microorganisms that are present.

The Preservation Chain is assimilated with the supply chain of food products. Each link in the chain: production, packaging, transport (land, sea, air), storage and commercial distribution; must be maintained in optimal conditions to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the products until they reach the consumer.

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Sustainable quality

The continuous improvement of our internal processes contributes to ensure the quality of the products. Each manufacturing batch is tested and systematically recorded and controlled. We are certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Flexibility and quick response to the market

The main benefit of being manufacturers and having our own R&D laboratory is our ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to customer and market needs. We have all the necessary resources to design, test and manufacture the prototypes and stockings in our facilities.


The customization of our products is something that benefits our customers greatly. We adapt to their needs and offer them continuous advice to obtain the desired results. 

How do we filter the invisible?

Our solutions are based on air filtration through BION compounds. The mixtures are developed exclusively in our laboratory. As a result we obtain products with high absorption capacity and very absorbent. Together with the filtration and monitoring equipment we are able to offer complete solutions that are clean, safe and effective.

How can we help you?

Our goal as BION is to offer effective solutions to the various problems that arise during the transport and storage of fruit and vegetables. As experts in improving air quality, we offer distributors, customers and users a series of services that ensure joint success:
- Study and recommendation of the best solution in each case
- Customized calculation of filter media duration
- Evaluation and continuous monitoring services in our laboratory
- Reliable logistics and after-sales service
- Advice on treatment of used filter media

Ecocert certified products

As part of our commitment to the environment and organic agriculture, we have certified some of our star products for ethylene control with the prestigious Ecocert Group Certification. This certification certifies that the products comply with the European Regulation EC 834/2007, the EU Regulation 450/2009 and the American regulation NOP (National Organic Program). 

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