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ETH post-harvest equipment

The ETH range of equipment is the ideal solution for air sanitization and ethylene elimination in the storage chambers of fresh produce (fruits, vegetables and ornamentals).

Innovation has always been one of our hallmarks.

We now take a step forward, improving all our Basic Equipment and launching our new Eco models. 

We have polished up all details, enhanced efficiency, optimised features …

Improved finishes

• New appearance with a more appealing look and feel and provided with a rear control box to improve safety.
• A new power button that drastically simplifies the operation with our equipment.
• New corrosion inhibitor treatment. The electrozinc-plated sheet metal with which we build our equipment receives a treatment that ensures maximum anti-corrosion efficiency of the Epoxy paint that we apply over the primer coat.

Capacity optimization

• Enhanced performance. Higher air filtering capacity while reducing energy consumption in all our models. Performance optimisation through cold, damp, or high ethylene concentration environments.
• CEE Certification. All equipment is manufactured in Europe.

ETH basic

Designed and produced for users who do not want to complicate their lives. Intended for people who are looking for an easy to use product with good results. 
Incorporated improvements:
· New aesthetics
· High resistance to humid and cold environments
· More resistant to corrosion
· Made in Europe
· Intuitive and easy to use
· BION Warranty
· Improved price

ETH eco

Designed for environmentally committed companies seeking to optimize electricity consumption and have lower noise pollution. 
Improvements incorporated at launch:
· New aesthetics
· Incorporation of optimized motors (consumption and noise).
· Includes a potentiometer to regulate air flow.
· High resistance to humid and cold environments
· More resistant to corrosion
· Manufactured in Europe
· Optimized absorption capacities
· Intuitive and easy to use
· BION Warranty

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