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Filters for industrial and commercial applications

Filters are the perfect complement to the various chemical filtration solutions manufactured by BION when the contaminants to be treated have a high molecular mass.

4V filters

The 4VL, 4VM and 4VS filters are modules designed to filter a wide range of odors and gaseous contaminants in an air stream.
These filters remove the most common contaminants that cause air quality problems in commercial applications such as: shopping malls, airports, museums, etc. 
A customized solution is available for each type of contaminant.
The filters provide greater granulate storage capacity, avoiding unnecessary changes and costs as well as being more efficient for longer periods of time. 
Its optimized design provides low pressure loss. It has a membrane that avoids the production of dust produced by the abrasion of the granulate.

FAM filters

At BION we manufacture customized aluminum filters on demand.
These filters are built from aluminum structures with different types of plates inside that allow the passage of air and different types of non-woven membranes that protect from dust. 
In order to adapt to any market need, these FAM filters can be filled with any BION media, depending on the contaminants to be removed from the air.

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