BIOCONSERVACION S.A – C/ Vapor 12. P.I. El Regàs 08850 Gavà (Barcelona), Spain

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We walk with our clients on the road to success.

At our headquarters in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain), we research, develop and manufacture ad-hoc solutions for our customers.

Own manufacturing in Europe.

In the installations of Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) we have the necessary resources to manufacture the stockings that are distributed at an international level. We also design, produce and distribute our own equipment and solutions.

Ad-hoc solutions 

Thanks to our knowledge of the product and the market we are able to provide ad-hoc solutions. We analyze the needs of each project and develop a unique solution for each case.

Laboratory Service

At BION we have our own fully equipped laboratory where we research, develop and analyse our own products and provide a totally personalised technical service. Among the services provided:

Corrosion Control


The analysis of the BION's corrosion coupons allows a detailed report on air quality, identify and classify the pollutants present in the environment being analyzed.

Analysis of the remaining life of the average

Through our technology, the remaining life of the average sample received is analyzed and determined, allowing us to establish the right moment for its change.

Environmental analysis


After taking gas samples in any environment with our portable equipment, a diagnostic report of the environmental conditions is made, ensuring the most appropriate solution in each case.

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