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Corrosion Detection, Prevention and Control

Corrosion causes a gradual destruction of metals due to electrochemical reaction with their environment.

BION has a complete range of solutions designed and manufactured to detect, prevent and control corrosion in sensitive equipment.

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is defined as the natural process in which metals degrade and return to their original state. This process is influenced by external elements such as humidity, temperature, small quantities of corrosive gases (H2S, HF, HCl, Cl2, SOx, NOx, O3, NH3,...), etc.

With the complete solutions developed by our technical and commercial team, you can avoid suffering the costly effects of corrosion in your installations.

Why is corrosion control important? 

Corrosion is the cause of the degradation of sensitive metallic materials present in industry in high quantities, which entails a high economic, operational and technological cost for companies.
In order to prevent sensitive equipment from suffering corrosion, it is important to take preventive measures to keep the causal factors under control, within certain levels, allowing equipment and industrial facilities to remain operational for longer.

What solutions are available for corrosion control?


Even though it is an unavoidable problem, there are systems to detect, measure and prevent corrosion in sensitive equipment at a very early stage. 
The coupons and monitoring systems allow to make a previous diagnosis to provide an adequate solution in each case.
To prevent the appearance of corrosion, at BION we offer complete solutions of pressurization and air recirculation equipment in closed rooms that, together with the optimized media we manufacture, form an efficient combination to face the problem.
In the laboratory department, we offer additional services that allow us to analyze the remaining life of the media. In this way we can reliably predict its depletion and ensure corrosion protection.

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