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Corrosion control coupons and environmental monitoring

Corrosion control coupons and environmental condition monitoring systems

Designed to perform a gas evaluation and monitor the conditions of a closed environment, the corrosion coupons and monitoring systems, allow the description of the existing hardness level.

In industrial sectors, where corrosive gases, polluting gases, temperature and humidity have a high impact, tools are needed to detect corrosion levels according to standard 71.04-2013.

In BION we offer the widest solution of machines, filters and media AIRCLEAN.

Air quality assessment

In a first step, BION performs a technical analysis of the air quality and ventilation equipment present on site. Once all the parameters have been analyzed, a proposal a recomendation is made to optimize the elimination of the pollutants.

Efficient air filtration

Once the diagnosis has been made, the appropriate media for chemical filtration, positive pressure air and/or recirculated air equipment are provided, in addition to the customized solutions that our team of technicians has designed for each case.

Corrosion Control Coupons

Corrosion control coupons are used to make a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the corrosive gases present in the air, classified according to the ISA S71.04-1985 classification.
Once exposed to the environment for 30 days, BION`s laboratory is responsible for analyzing and preparing a Corrosion Classification report. The tests are performed according to ASTM B 825-02.

Laboratory services

Environmental condition monitoring system

The environmental condition monitoring system measures humidity, temperature, differential pressure and corrosive attack on two replaceable thin film sensors. 
The corrosion rate is shown by indicator lights that correspond to the ISA Standard S71.04-2013 (G1 to GX) environmental classification for copper and silver.
Once the exposure period has passed, BION's laboratory carries out the analysis and prepares a detailed report of the environmental conditions.

Laboratory services

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