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Post-harvest sachets

Sachets are BION's most effective, advanced, ecological and resistant solution for the control of ethylene and volatile organic compound gases (VOC's) to ensure that products reach the market in optimal conditions.

What makes our sachets unique in the market?

100% recyclable

Breathable on both sides

Certified BION quality

100% recyclable sachet

Made of Tyvek paper on both sides.
The inner sock can be used as soil compost when it is totally exhausted.
It is an additive-free technology, which makes it compatible with organic farming as it does not physically interact with the fruit.

Breathes on both sides

Tyvek paper, which is 100% made of Tyvek, breathes on both sides as it does not coexist with other types of plastic.
Food contact paper that complies with the strictest regulations. Protects food quality and prolongs shelf life.

Certified BION Quality

ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Ecocert-certified product that guarantees that it is compatible with ecological and organic agriculture.
BION quality offering continuous protection throughout the supply chain. 


· Controls ethylene and VOC's in climacteric fruits.
· Increases shelf life of fruits and vegetables by removing ethylene and other volatile compound gases (VOC's) such as ethanol and acetaldehyde.
· Adsorbs ethylene in modified atmosphere packaging or polyethylene bags. It is suitable for air transport or with limited air ventilation.
· It slows down the ripening and aging process of climacteric fruit. Ethyl Stopper is safe and suitable for organically grown produce.
· Safeguards nutrients, aroma, color, vitamins and protects from dehydration. It eliminates unpleasant odors.
· Ethyl Stopper provides permanent protection from exporter to final destination.


· Keeps non-climacteric fruits free of fungi and bacteria.
· Keeps fruit skin firm, reducing fungal incidence.
· Reduces chemical signals such as limonene that induce fungal growth.
· Increases shelf life at point of sale. Reduces fruit respiration and maintains internal ripeness and acidity levels without weight loss.
· Works as a biological filter that reduces the population of airborne fungal spores.
· Fungi Stop does not add any chemicals to the fruit, making it safe and suitable for organic produce.


· Helps producers, manufacturers and distributors to create their own brand.
· Customizable for the end customer without the need for large orders and investments.
· Replacement period adjustable to market and retailer needs.
· BION products customized for brands create greater loyalty.
· It is a product that does not add additives and follows the market trend of no food waste and is compatible with organic agriculture.
· Available for ETHYL STOPPER and FUNGI STOP.

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