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Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory performs a wide range of analytical tests to ensure that our customers receive a customized technical evaluation.

Corrosion coupon analysis

Once exposed to the corrosive environment, the corrosion coupons are analyzed in the Laboratory. As a result of the exhaustive analysis, a detailed report of the quality of the ambient air is prepared, identifying and classifying the corrosion created by the gases present in the medium subject to analysis. In that way it is possible to carry out a project adjusted to the needs of each environment.

Environmental condition monitoring system

When environmental conditions demand it, the continuous monitoring system measures humidity, temperature, differential pressure and corrosive attack on two replaceable thin film sensors. 
The corrosion rate is displayed by indicator lights corresponding to the ISA Standard S71.04-2013 environment classification (G1 to GX) for copper and silver.
After the exposure period, the BION laboratory performs the analysis and produces a detailed report of the environmental conditions.

Testing in real conditions

In the laboratory we have the necessary technical resources to simulate the real conditions of a given environment. The test equipment can be carried out on OEM and refrigerated equipment with the highest possible reliability. With the information resulting from the tests, the most advantageous solutions are proposed for each occasion. 

Application consultancy

Thanks to our extensive experience we can offer consulting services where we research and advise on products or combinations of products that work specifically for the application being explored.

Analysis of the remaining life of the media

With a sample of chemical media taken from the running facility, a comprehensive analysis of the remaining life of the media used by BION users and non-users is performed. As a result, a report is provided detailing the remaining life of the analyzed media allowing an estimate to be made of when the product should be replaced.

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