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Machines, filters and AIRCLEAN media

Machines, filters and AIRCLEAN media to prevent and control corrosion

The wide range of complete solutions AIRCLEAN of BION allows the prevention and control of corrosion in a closed atmosphere with the set of machines, filters and media manufactured to filter the corrosive gases and purify the air.

In industrial sectors, where corrosive gases, polluting gases, temperature and humidity have a high impact, tools are needed to detect corrosion levels according to standard 71.04-2013.

In BION we offer the widest solution of machines, filters and media AIRCLEAN.

Air quality assessment

In a first step, BION performs a technical analysis of the air quality and ventilation equipment present on site. Once all the parameters have been analyzed, a proposal a recomendation is made to optimize the elimination of the pollutants.

Efficient air filtration

Once the diagnosis has been made, the appropriate media for chemical filtration, positive pressure air and/or recirculated air equipment are provided, in addition to the customized solutions that our team of technicians has designed for each case.

PPU & UR modular systems

The BION positive pressure and recirculation units are designed to be a self-contained air cleaning system providing pressurized air free of corrosive gases. 
This system is recommended for controlled environments containing sensitive electronic, electrical or medical equipment. It can perform a dual function of pressurization and recirculation or simply recirculation.

Environment equipment

SAH Systems

Side access and horizontal flow systems are recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are designed for the filtration of particles and gaseous contaminants.
Chemical filtration is done through filter media arranged in PP12 or PP18 modules for easy replacement.

Environment equipment

DBS Packaged Bed System

The DBS systems are designed for efficient filtration of horizontal air flows and high concentration of pollutants ensuring that no by-passes of these are produced.
It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications allowing a horizontal airflow inlet. The filter media is filled in bulk. The DBS has several sampling points.

Environment equipment

PP18 and PP12 modules

The modules are disposable systems for the replacement of filter media in equipment and units of filtration and air purification.
Designed with an aerodynamic that facilitates air flow to optimize filtration efficiency, increases the autonomy of the machines. They can be filled with any BION filter media. 

PP modules

4V filters

The 4VL, 4VM and 4VS filters are modules reserved for the filtration of a wide variety of odours and gaseous pollutants within an airstream. 
These filters are specially designed to remove common contaminants that cause air quality problems. In support of the averages, they allow to optimize the characteristics of the averages to delay the spare parts as much as possible and to gain efficiency.

Environment filters

Bulk media

BION's bulk chemical media range removes the widest range of gases, pollutants and odours from air currents. During its lifetime and under proper design conditions it is capable of retaining close to 100% of the gas that passes through the media.
The stockings are manufactured entirely in our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) with virgin activated carbon, impregnated or with extrudates and blends.


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