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ETH machines & PP18 modules

ETH machines and PP18 modules designed specifically for cold storage environments.

The ETH machines along with the PP18 modules that contain BION Ethylene absorbing media, have been specifically designed to be installed in cold chambers that store fruits and vegetables.

Once at destination, the fruits and vegetables are stored in large cold chambers and it is essential to keep the preservation chain intact to continue to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and degree of ripeness. The ETH equipment together with the PP18 media modules are designed to be the most appropriate solution.

There are a variety of ETH models

There are a variety of ETH models.
In order to offer solutions that adapt to all needs, BION offers customers three models with different absorption capacity:
- ETH 425 capable of filtering 425m3 of air per hour
- ETH 850 capable of filtering up to 850m3 of air per hour
- ETH 1700 capable of filtering up to 1700m3 of air per hour using 2 fans

ETH machines

PP18 modules

The PP18 module cost effective, easily replaceable solution when fully saturated with a high performance:
- the V-shape allows for higher PD with less energy
- corrosion resistant
- weight < 24kg 
- flame-retardant option
- residence time (0.06 - 0.12 s)
- higher flow rate with lower pressure loss
- absorbs 15 liters of air per pair of modules
- has a 2.5 cm wide media bed

Post-harvest modules

A larger contact surface

The V shaped filters has a large contact surface area for air to flow through the media, thereby obtaining a greater purification efficiency and a longer life of the media., 
Their exclusive design avoids any air by-pass and reduces  ethylene to very low levels so that it helps to maintain freshness of produce.

In-house manufacturing

The ETH machines and PP18 modules are manufactured in our factory in Barcelona (Spain), which allows us to have a greater control of the quality of the products we produce.
They are subjected to a rigorous quality control regimen and this gives a label for traceability following the instructions set out in ISO 9001:2015.

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