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ETHAN ethylene monitor

The ETHAN reader measures ethylene levels in cold stores.

The ETHAN monitor accurately measures ethylene levels present in cold stores at distribution centers and supermarkets that contain harvested fruits and vegetables. 

Managing ethylene levels is key in the fresh food supply chain. All fruits and vegetables emit ethylene, a gaseous plant hormone that accelerates ripening.
High ethylene levels have a negative effect on fresh produce quality and reduce shelf life.

At BION we have the appropriate equipment to measure the concentration of ethylene with the ETHAN monitor.

Great performance in a small device

Extremely accurate Device. The ETHAN monitor detects ethylene levels of 0 to 100 ppm. Unlike other ethylene monitors, the presence of other gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide do not interfere with the  results of the reading

Designed to be practical

Its portable design includes a protective box that protects it from possible inclement weather.
In the upper part it has an electrochemical detector and an extendable tube to make measurements in places of difficult access.
The digital liquid crystal display allows easy reading of the measurements.
A front LED lights up when the sensor needs to be changed.

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