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TRANSPROTEKT filters to remove ethylene, VOC's, and fungal spores.

The filters manufactured by BION filter the air in a continuous way, allowing the air chain to be kept intact and thus preserving the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the products in transit.

During transportation by land, sea or air, the fruits and vegetables must preserve their organoleptic characteristics and their degree of ripeness in the best possible conditions. Strategically located in the air regeneration areas, TRANSPROTEKT filters remove ethylene and other harmful gases such as ethanol and acetaldehyde facilitating the optimal conservation of fruits and vegetables.

In BION we offer the most suitable and easy to install solution for the transportation of products in transit with the TRANSPROTEKT filters.

Effective design

The cylindrical shape of the TRANSPROTEKT filters achieves maximum airflow performance making it more efficient.
The filters are suitable for food contact and are certified for use with organic products. They preserve the color, taste and smell of fruits and vegetables.
Their design and composition slows down the ripening and aging process by eliminating ethylene, volatile organic gases and fungal spores.

Versatile use

Designed for use in refrigerated environments, they work continuously on both short and long trips.

In-house manufacturing

Each TRANSPROTEKT filter batch manufactured in our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) is subjected to a rigorous quality control and is labelled for its later traceability following the indications of the ISO 9001:2015.

Why use TRANSPROTEKT filters?

BION's TRANSPROTEKT filters prevent weight loss during transit to your destination. 
They reduce the amount of waste caused by the over-ripening and decomposition of the fruit and vegetables, guaranteeing the quality of the products on arrival.


FUNGI STOP filters

The new formula specially developed by BION for use on non-climacteric fruits such as pineapples, citrus and red fruits contributes to color uniformity and increases the resistance of the skin, preventing the formation of fungi that can damage the fruit


The potassium permanganate media included in the filter removes ethylene and other harmful gases such as ethanol and acetaldehyde that generate bad odors in the room. The included media preserves the color, taste and smell of the stored fruits and vegetables.

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