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BION DRY, the long-lasting drying solution

BION DRY is specifically manufactured to avoid the problems caused by humidity and condensation in very humid places such as air or sea freight containers.

In very humid environments, such as air or sea freight containers, it is essential to have effective protection against humidity and condensation and therefore avoid problems such as: mould, rust, corrosion or damage to the packaging and labelling of the product.

In BION we have designed BION DRY that is adapted to the specific needs of environments with a high percentage of humidity.

High absorption capacity

BION DRY bags offer a constant water absorption capacity, up to 90% in relation to its weight.
Its absorption capacity is: 70% (w/w) at [RH>90% and average temperature = 30ºC]; up to a maximum of 100%.

Long lasting

The lifetime of BION DRY is up to 18 months under proper storage conditions.
In journeys of more than 25 days its absorption is proven in products such as rice, cocoa, coffee, nuts, legumes, feeds...
The non-woven bag ready to hang and the natural composition of the product (natural clay, calcium chloride and starch) allow contact with food

We ensure profitability

BION's DRY bags guarantee the quality of the product on arrival at its destination. They are manufactured to give maximum protection to food products such as rice, cocoa, coffee beans, nuts, vegetables, etc. as well as to textile products, leather, shoes, furniture, etc.

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