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Complete solutions for air filtration

We offer complete clean, safe and effective solutions for air purification and filtration for the removal of particles, gases, odors and microorganisms in open or closed environments.

Throughout the environments that surrounds us, there are certain installations that should be given special attention to, These environment  generate problematic gases that must be purified. 
Some of the environmental challenges we encounter and solve are related to corrosion control, odor control, biogas desulfurization, siloxane removal and improvement of indoor air quality.

Some of the environmental challenges we solve are related to corrosion control, odor control, biogas desulfurization, siloxane removal, improvement of indoor air quality or preservation.

Sustainable Quality

The continuous emphasis on the improvement of our internal quality management processes contributes, ensures the guaranteed quality of each of our products. Each manufacturing batch is tested and systematically recorded and controlled. We are certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Flexibility and quick response to the market

The main benefit of being manufacturers and having our own R&D laboratory is our ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to customer and market needs. We have all the necessary resources to design, test and manufacture the prototypes and stockings in our facilities.


Our customers can benefit  greatly from having our products customized specifically to their ongoing needs. We adapt to their needs and offer them continuous advice to obtain the desired results. 

Receive the best offer for your  requirements

Tell us what your problem is and we will resolve it.

How do we filter the invisible?

Our solutions are based on air filtration through BION compounds. The mixtures are developed exclusively in our laboratory. As a result we obtain products with high absorption capacity and very absorbent. Together with the filtration and monitoring equipment we are able to offer complete solutions that are clean, safe and effective.

How can we help you?

Our goal as BION is to offer effective solutions to the various problems that arise in different environments: industrial, commercial, biogas, municipal, conservation, ... As experts in improving air quality, we offer distributors, customers and users a series of services that ensure joint continued success:
- Air Quality Analysis and problems to be solved
- Study Customers would receive and recommendation recommendations of for the best solutions relating to their requirements  for each case
- Customized Carryout analysis of customers’ media in the lab to determine calculation of average life expectancy the remaining life and give recommendations when to replace the exhausted media.
- Evaluation and continuous monitoring services in our laboratory
- Reliable logistics and after-sales service
- Provide Advice on treatment disposing of used filter media

Contact our experts

At BION we offer our customers an exceptional team of professionals who work together to offer the most appropriate solution for each case.


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