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Filter media and modular systems

Filter media and modular systems to preserve the indoor air

Stand-alone air filtration equipment or gas filter units incorporated in the HVAC system are the ideal solution for efficient removal of pollutants found in indoor air from both in internal and external sources.

Air quality is a parameter to take into account inside buildings to ensure the health and comfort of the occupants.
IAQ can be affected both by gases coming from external contamination (cities with high pollution, populations close to industrial areas, ...) and by gases generated by internal sources (furniture, cleaning agents, ...).

BION has a wide range of solutions to ensure the quality of indoor air.


Air quality assessment

In a first phase, BION carries out a comprehensive assessment of air quality that determines the types and levels of pollutants following a methodical system:
- Classification of the environment
- Analysis of suspended particles and gaseous pollutants
- Study and design of optimal filtration condition

Efficient air filtration

Once the diagnosis has been made, the appropriate equipment and media for chemical filtration are provided, in addition to the customized solutions that our team of technicians has designed for each situation. For each type of contaminant we have a media that eliminates it.

In-house manufacturing

During the manufacturing process in our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain), the filters and media are inspected in each production batch using the strictest techniques. 
Each box incorporates an identification label for traceability according to the standards set by ISO 9001:2015.

Bulk media

BION's bulk chemical media range removes the widest range of gases, pollutants and odours from air currents. During its lifetime and under proper design conditions it is capable of retaining close to 100% of the gas that passes through the media.
The stockings are manufactured entirely in our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) with virgin activated carbon, impregnated or with extrudates and blends.


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