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Virgin carbon

Virgin carbon, the perfect partner to fight siloxanes

One of the most efficient technologies for the removal of siloxanes in biogas plants is BION's range of virgin carbons.

Siloxane gases are mainly found in biogas sources originated in landfills.  The removal of siloxanes is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of the equipment present. Siloxanes are deposited in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) in the cylinder head, which can damage the valve seat and cause erosion of the metal parts of the equipment.

Air quality assessment

Air quality assessment
In the first phase, BION carries out an exhaustive evaluation of the needs derived from the characteristics of the project: 
- Origin and chemical characteristics of the biogas
- Hours of work per day
- Filtration volum

Efficient air filtration

Once the diagnosis of the project as a whole has been worked out, the active carbon is provided with the CTC (degree of porosity) suitable for each particular project, in addition to the personalized solutions that our team of technicians designs on each occasion.

Dry media

BION activated carbons are designed to remove hydrocarbons, chlorine and volatile organic compounds. In systems with multiple beds, it also acts as a filter to remove high molecular weight compounds. 

To determine the type of activated carbon that should be used, it is necessary to know
- The type of siloxane to be treated
- The presence of other components in the gas
- The physical condition of the gas

BION AC: is a thermally activated virgin anthracite carbon for greater gas absorption capacity.


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