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Filter media and tailor-made solutions

Filter media and tailor-made solutions for biogas plants

The unique filter media designed to desulphurize biogas facilities, allows the reduction and control of gases resulting from the anaerobic digestion of organic matter.

The removal of sulfur gas is crucial for health, safety, environmental and corrosion reasons from equipment such as gas engines, boilers and pipelines. Desulphurization is also necessary when upgrading biogas to inject quality natural gas into the pipeline. 

BION has a wide range of filter media and solutions designed on purpose to turn biogas into a clean, renewable source of energy.


Air quality assessment

In the first phase, BION carries out an exhaustive evaluation of the needs derived from the characteristics of the project: 
- Origin and chemical characteristics of the biogas
- Hours of work per day
- Filtration volum

Efficient air filtration

Once the diagnosis of the project as a whole has been worked out, the appropriate measures for chemical filtration are provided, in addition to the personalized solutions that our team of technicians designs on each occasion.

In-house manufacturing

During the manufacturing process at our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain), the manufactured filter media is methodically inspected in each production batch using the strictest techniques in the industry. 

Bulk media

The stockings are manufactured entirely in our factory in Gavà, Barcelona (Spain) with virgin active carbon, impregnated or with extruded and blended. 
Thanks to the experience accumulated in the sector, BION has a wide range of bulk chemical stockings that can be adapted to the needs that may arise in a biogas plant.
BION CARB BG: is a first quality active carbon mixed with inorganic catalytic phases that result in an exceptional capacity to absorb hydrogen sulphide among other gases.
BION SIGMA: designed for the elimination of hydrogen sulfide, it is an extruded product made from a mixture of porous clays. 
BION DOD: is an impregnated high purity active carbon that allows the neutralization of acids and VOC's.


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At BION we offer our customers an exceptional team of professionals who work together to offer the most appropriate solution for each case.


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