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Indoor Air Quality and Chemical Filtration of Pollutant Gases

2021-10-05 09:43:43

We live in a world where pollution constantly surrounds us. There are a multitude of polluting gases both outdoors and indoors that affect us in an invisible way.

Pollution from outside can cause serious respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, cough, lung cancer, asthma, etc. and cardiovascular diseases among others.

What is not so commonly known is that inside homes and buildings can also have an environment 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside, according to the WHO.

Currently, people living in urban environments in industrialized countries spend up to 90% of their time indoors.

These data reveal that it is necessary to have good air quality in closed environments and thus avoid the discomforts generated and stimulated by poor air quality. Some of the most common consequences are headaches, dizziness, nausea, persistent colds, irritation of the respiratory tract, etc.

On the other hand, living in buildings with adequate indoor environmental quality can bring great benefits:

- Increasing environmental comfort

- Increased productivity

- Decrease short-term sick leave

- Reducing viruses and bacteria in the environment

- Reducing the risk of respiratory disease contagion

- Decrease the risk of allergic sensitization.

Fortunately, technology makes it possible to actively treat bacteria, pollution and many of the pollutant gases present.

BION as an expert in gas filtration focuses its knowledge and commercial offer on the elimination or treatment of the most common gases present in environmental pollution.


Target Gas




VOCs (medium and high molecular weight)







VOCs (medium and high molecular weight

Our solutions can be applied as a complement in particulate filtration technologies, from an individual level in non-professional refrigeration systems to large installations in residential buildings, commercial centers and civil buildings.

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