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Post-harvest media

Thanks to continuous R&D efforts, BION has succeeded in developing a specific range of filter media specifically designed to preserve the air chain in post-harvest environments.


The BION R family consists of pellets in cylindrical pellet form based on natural clays that have been extruded together with potassium permanganate (KMnO4) as the active ingredient.

The KMnO4 contained in the BION R family removes target gases, mainly ethylene and formaldehyde, by chemical reaction on the active surface of the sorbent.

The BION R family is composed of:
• BION R12

The most frequent applications in the post-harvest industry are:
• Ethylene removal and air sanitization in fresh produce transport / storage enclosures to extend their shelf life of the products.
• Adsorption of formaldehyde and formaldehyde.
• Adsorption of light alcohols and light VOC's.


The BION DRY family is specifically manufactured to avoid problems derived from humidity and condensation in very humid places such as air or sea cargo containers. This provides effective protection against humidity and condensation and avoids problems such as mold, rust, corrosion or damage to packaging and product labeling.

BION DRY bags offer a constant water absorption capacity, up to 90% in relation to their weight.
Their absorption capacity is: 70% (w/w) at [RH>90% and average temperature =30ºC]; up to a maximum of 100%. 

The BION DRY family is composed of:

The most frequent applications are:
• Ideal for container transport. 
• Protection of cereals, cocoa, coffee beans, animal feed, dried fruits, legumes, ...
• Protection of machinery, canned products or metal products against rust and corrosion. 
• Protection of textile and leather products, shoes, furniture and food containers against humidity. 
• Prevents wet cartons and loss of labels due to humidity. 

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