Bi-On Carb OX BG combines a premium quality wood-based activated carbon in conjunction with a proprietary blend of catalytically active inorganic phases, which allows an extraordinarily high H2S absorption capacity at low oxygen content values.

Compared to other products Bi-On Carb OX BG does not convert H2S into sulphuric acid (H2SO4), which could cause corrosion problems in equipment. The active centres of metal oxide in Bi-On Carb OX BG convert H2S into sulphur (S). Subsequently this sulphur then migrates and is accumulated in the micropores of the active carbon. As a result, metallic oxides are again available to oxidize new H2S molecules.

Bi-On Carb OX BG is specially designed for removal of H2S from anaerobic gas streams in streams, e.g. biogas. It is also very effective in the elimination of other acidic gases such as Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCI). Moreover, as it is an activated based carbon media, is very efficient in the abatement of some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may be present in the gas stream to be treated.


  • High H2S elimination capacity values for biogas desulfurization.
  • Avoid equipment corrosion problems.
  • Elevated concentrations of CO2 do not affect the capacity to absorb H2S.
  • Disposal friendly.
  • Minimal risk of bed fire.


Bi-On Carb OX BG is specially designed for removal of H2S from anaerobic gas streams, e.g. biogas. Other applications include waste water treatment plants, refineries, the pulp and paper industry, pumping stations and sludge deposits.