Odour is usually defined as a sensation perceived from receiving a stimulus through the olfactory system. In recent years offensive odours have become more prominent with atmospheric pollution, and deodorisation processes (through which bad odours are eliminated) for odour control are in ever increasing demand.

The complexity of odours and what is involved in generating them requires an integrated solution. Apart from eliminating odours, attention and resources must be directed towards minimising their development in the first place, as well as limiting the areas affected by them.

Bioconservacion offers solutions for dry deodorisation, so that odorous compounds are absorbed in dry mediums (active carbon, zeolites, etc.) which react to active principles in order to eliminate the odours.

Bioconservation offers a wide selection of products and measures to absorb a broad spectrum of odorous compounds ranging from inorganic compounds to soluble and non-soluble organic compounds, or non- biodegradable compounds. In granulates, these are optimised to deliver high efficacy during brief contact times to make the best use of equipment size and reduce the amounts of mediums Bioconservacion’s complete range of solutions to reduce and eliminate offensive odours consists of: