The presence of ethylene, organic volatile compounds and fungus spores in the atmosphere may reduce the quality and life-span of fresh produce post-harvest.

TRANSPROTEKT ethylene removal filters are an ideal solution to filter the air and ethylene absorption, VOCs and spores removal during transport of fresh produce in refrigerated containers over land or sea.

The right ethylene filter will depend on type of fruit or vegetable to be shipped, their maturity stage and transit time. Bioconservacion has designed a solution to cover ever need, the TRANSPROTEKT ethylene filters range consists of various models available in different sizes, which can be filled with different formulations of Bi-On

  • F100 or EXTEND filters for long-haul transportation (by land or sea)
  • F75 or SWIFT filters for short-term and short haul transportation (via air or land)
  • F50 or ECO filters for very short duration transportation (by air or land)

TRANSPROTEKT ethylene filters offer highest absorption capacity on the market and proven efficiency in high humidity conditions.

TRANSPROTEKT ethylene filters are safe and easy installation. Bi-On granulate contained in the filter does not come into direct contact with the fresh produce, nor does it leave any residue on fresh produce. These products are compatible with ecological and organic agriculture. They are single use and, once consumed, disposable according to current regulations in each country.

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