Bi-On BIA is a mixture of Bi-On ISORB  and  Bi-On AC   

The principal reason for the efficacy of this mixture of Bi-On and Bi-On® AC is that both granulates complement each other when treating diverse pollutants. Bi-On AC is highly effective in the treatment of compounds with high molecular weight, whereas Bi-On ISORB is very effective in the treatment of low molecular weight compounds.

In many applications designed for corrosion and odors control, users are faced with a wide spectrum of contaminants where a single absorbent is incapable of efficiently eliminating all of them.


  •  Wide spectrum, good as a refining media
  • The footprint of the equipment is reduced when compared to active carbon because the greater density of the mix allows the use of smaller equipment.
  • The change in color in Bi-On ISORB  as the product is consumed serves as a visual indicator, making it easy for the user to determine the level of granulate consumption


  • Corrosion control
  • Odor control


  • Bi-On BIA