The service we offer to evaluate the level of corrosiveness in the air establishes the level of corrosiveness in the atmosphere in closed spaces such as control rooms in processing plants and “white rooms” dedicated to the production of electronics.

This service can also be used to evaluate the corrosiveness of the air in processing equipment such as compressors and root pumps.

In accordance with accepted international standards, trials and subsequent classification are performed.

  • ASTM B 825-02 “Standard Test Method for Coulometric Reduction of surface Films of Metallic Samples”
  • ISA-S71.04-2013’Environmental Conditions for Process Measurement and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants’

The trial consists of installing two metallic strips known as “coupons” in the area to be evaluated: one copper and the other silver. The coupons remain in the evaluation area for thirty days, after which they are submitted to the Bioconservacion laboratory for analysis.

The results allow us:

  • To accurately determine the level of corrosiveness in the atmosphere of the area studied
  • To establish the principal compounds which cause corrosion in the area, and their approximate levels of concentration
  • The trial takes into account all factors that influence corrosion, such as temperature, humidity levels, compounds present and their possible synergies.
  • Given that the coupons remain placed for thirty days, the results take any fluctuations in concentrations into account.
  • The coupon trial is the most suitable evaluation strategy for corrosivity, given that it evaluates all aspects that can influence corrosion.
  • This trial is considerably more useful and economical than the analysis of corrosive compounds present in the atmosphere.

Once the results are available, it is possible to make recommendations regarding the most efficient solutions for filtering