The UPP is designed to provide and maintain continuous positive pressurised air, free of corrosive gasses in environments requiring protection from these risks.

These are normally areas with computers, control rooms, motor control centres, electronic or electric equipment engaged in industrial activities susceptible to problem-causing emissions such as petrochemical installations, paper manufacturers, foundries and laboratories.

This equipment can function in two ways. It can either both pressurise and circulate air or only pressurising. When using the combined functions, up to 50% of its flow is employed in maintaining positive pressure whilst the rest recirculates the air in the room. The machine’s capacity is 700m3/h.

The most common pollutants are hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, chlorine compounds, ammonia, etc. These machines are built of zinc coated steel plates which have been degreased, undergoing a phosphate process and passivation with Ecolo zirconium, then they are painted with epoxy and afterwards undergo oven cured polymerisation.

In this equipment the different measurements of filtering agents are loaded according to the requirements of each case in PP12 modules which also include G4 and F7 particle filters.