The PBS System with packed horizontal bedding ensures there is no contaminant by-pass. It provides a minimum efficiency level of 99.9% in the elimination of the targeted contaminants.

Designed to be placed outside of the protected environment, it provides pressurised clean air inside control rooms with process-control electronic equipment.

The two-stage granulate equipment delivers maximum protection against all types of gasses.


  • Fully soldered fourteen (14) gage stainless steel.
  • 2” deep 40% pre-filter
  • Optional 95% final filter 6” deep
  • Aluminium guides for the filters
  • A structural steel base (protected with epoxy)
  • Sealed doors with neoprene seals
  • Positive pressure closing doors with quarter-turn functioning
  • TEFC motor turbine
  • A granulate bed
  • Access port for sampling
  • Magnehelic indicators for the pre-filter sections as well as for the final filter.