The DS range is designed to treat continuous flows of up to 1.500 m3/h.

DS Systems come prepared to effectively eliminate a large variety of pollutants such as sulphydric acid, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other troublesome gasses. One of the most important applications is in the treatment of gasses in waste water treatment plants (WWTPs).

DS systems incorporate three different granulates: Bi-On KOH, Bi-On+ y Bi-On AC. Each of these has a specific function in order to deliver the most efficient and long-lasting solution during its serviceable life-span. The granulates can be changed to treat the needs resulting from the specific gasses present.

One of the unique features - and a big advantage this system offers - is the change in the colour of the granulates as their useful life runs down. It is therefore easy to determine the optimal moment to replace granulates.

Another important advantage of this type of system is energy efficiency, which leads to savings. These systems are designed to extract and treat gasses locally, without the need to use long conduits to transport gasses to deodorization equipment. Therefore, it does not require large motorised machinery which, in many cases, can consume 60% of their power in transporting the air from its original location to the treatment location.

The changes in granulate colour, along with the decentralised groups of drums, give very precise readings of what is happening at each point in the air purification system. This makes it an easy, flexible system to manage.

At every gas treatment point individualised information permits the control of those specific areas with the most contaminants and to take remedial action as required, to reduce the consumption of granulates.

The DS System is available in various versions and sizes to manage the different air flow rates.