The Depur Vent range is designed to treat continuous flows from150 m3/h to 30m3/h.

A large variety of contaminants such as sulphydric acid, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other annoying gasses can be treated with the Depur Vent system. In particular, gasses emanating from purification plant ventilation and pumping stations can be treated with Depur Vent systems

Depur Vent may be loaded with any of the mediums in the Bi-On: Bi-On OXYL, Bi-On ISORB and Bi-On AC range. These mediums are loaded using PP12 modules. All mediums have specific functions designed to obtain the highest efficacy and length of service.

The Depur Vent range consists of various models which treat different air flows (median concentrations of up to 30ppm) to be treated:.

  • Depur Vent 150 : 150 m3/h flow
  • Depur Vent 300 : 300 m3/h flow
  • Depur Vent 450 : 450 m3/h flow
  • Depur Vent 600: 600 m3/h flow