by Bioconservacion October 6th, 2017 0 comments
In the picture, from left to right: Brent Rogers, Air Filtration Specialist and Sales Manager for the Asian market in Bioconservacion; Jorge Sauma, General Manager of Corbana; with Gonzalo Robles, Bioconservacion Air Filtration Specialist and Sales Manager for the post-harvest market in South America. 

One more year Bioconservacion took part in the VII Banana Congress, which took place from 26-29 of September in Miami. The Congress, organized by Corbana - National Banana Corporation of Costa Rica -, is considered the most important event in the banana industry worldwide. This important meeting brought together representatives from the five continents, among which stand out wide international recognition experts who shared the latest research findings and presented the latest trends in the international banana market.

Bioconservacion presented our post-harvest solutions for removing ethylene during transportation and storage of the fruit and vegetables, such as  TRANSPROTEKT filtersETHYLCLEAN machines and  ETHYL STOPPER sachets. We also participated as speakers, with the presentation Reefer container in the cold chain, by our collaborator Gino Ansaldi.

We would like to thank all our partners, clients and friends who visited us at the Congress for their interest in the Bioconservacion solutions for air filtration and ethylene and VOCs removal in postharvest and following steps of the distribution chain.


 Gino Ansaldi, pictured during the presentation "Reefer container in the cold chain", with a big success of audience.