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by Bioconservacion August 9th, 2018 0 comments

BION sachet products are an essential solution that meets the demands of postharvest industry. Our customers appreciate the convenience and dose accuracy for storage and transportation purposes.

At BION we are constantly improving and upgrading our products. This August we are launching our new sachets. 


New improvements
  • Increased breathability: Improved permeability of the packaging material (40%) this entails achieving lower ethylene levels.
  • Water resistant: Pellet generates better impermeability and improves sachet integrity.
  • Higher sealing strength (HSS): Reinforced sachet closure >15 N/15 mm ASTM F88.
Sachet Key Benefits
  • Ideal packaging option for cartons, crates, baskets, film bags and nets.
  • Convenience and portability.
  • Food contact approved.
  • Improved for superior moisture barriers.
  • Extended shelf life and flavor retention.