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has successfully carried out the elimination of poisonous and corrosive gases (H2S and Ammonia), as part of the project for mixing and neutralising hazardous waste in the company Hidronor, Gestión y Tratamiento de Residuos (Management and Waste Treatment), which was developed in the town of Noviciado close to the international airport Arturo Merino Benitez de Santiago de Chile. Its work processes generate significant storage tank gas emissions during blending and neutralisation processes for acids and bases. 

Hidronor, specialised in the neutralisation and final disposal of hazardous waste, which by law can not be dumped in landfills (where only organic waste may be disposed), was commissioned by the Bioconservation department to design a system to eliminating gases from the neutralisation process of hazardous waste, which up until that time had generated approximately 200 ppm of hydrogen sulphide and 50 ppm of ammonia. For this, Bion, after studying the data on emissions and the quality of its installations, used a deep bed filtration system with 3 different chemical media:, Bi On Oxyl, Bi On AC Active Max and Bi On ACPA, specifically formulated for the elimination of the aforementioned gases. This system controls and eliminates all the gases generated, by the process, for up to 6 months of continuous operation.

proyecto de mezcla y neutralización de residuos peligrosos en Santiago de ChileBION ha realizado la eliminación de gases tóxicos y corrosivos

Regulations in the chemical or processing industries

A few years ago, Santiago de Chile was declared an area saturated in pollution, which is why filtration products must be of the highest standard. Hidronor and other chemical or processing industries are controlled by strict environmental standards that they must comply with or they may be shut down. It is for this reason that after our filtration solution is installed, Hidronor will become a company that satisfactorily complies with these regulations.

Technical data sheet and project results of neutralisation emissions in the Hazardous Waste Neutralisation Plant

Solution Delivered  Bi On Oxyl | Acidic Gases
 Bi On Ac Active Max | Voc's
 Bi On ACPA | Ammonia Gas Bases
Container Unit

Scrubber Acid Base and Dry Scrubber for 1800 Kg constructed by Subsole Servicios Ltda. In 2015, to eliminate up to 3500ppm of H2S.

Emission at outletbetween 0 and 2 ppm for 6 months.