by Bioconservacion March 31st, 2017 0 comments

A new research project launched by Bioconservacion, international leaders in air filtration and gas purification, recently obtained a grant from the Catalan Autonomous Government within the programme “Cupons a la Innovació 2016”.

Within the section awarding grants for technology, the programme subsidises projects designed for the technological development, testing and validation of products and studies of their technical and economic feasibility.

The project consists of the design and installation of a completely automated pilot testing plant, which will simulate the molecular filtration of gases at a wide range of pressure, temperature, concentration and relative humidity conditions.

The development of this project will make it possible both to determine the performance of the granules produced by Bioconservacion for the chemical adsorption of the main pollutant gases in the industrial sector (H2S, SOx, NOx, VOCs) and to generate experimental data which can be used for the mathematical modelling of chemisorption and the scale-up of industrial scale air filtration systems at the industrial size. It is also expected that significant improvements can be made in the quality of  the products (such as increased hardness and resistance to attrition, greater adsorption capacity and a wider range of captured gases), features that will facilitate access to new markets.


The project, which reflects Bioconservacion's commitment to constantly improving the quality of its products and developing new filtration technology solutions, will be carried out in the company's own laboratory, where services for gas analysis, adsorption capacity and corrosion analysis, among others, are available to customers, providing an excellent technical advisory service.

Through constant investment in new technologies and R&D programmes, Bioconservacion is able to offer innovative solutions for any need related to air quality