by Bioconservacion April 18th, 2017 0 comments

Continuing with our expansion into new international markets, we have recently inaugurated a new delegation in Santiago de Chile, which will operate under the name BION Bioconservación Spa.

The Bioconservación branch has opened with a view to providing more support and advisory services to our partners and clients in Latin American countries, given the growing commercial activity in this region. The company now has two new professionals on its staff: Gonzalo Robles as Head of Post-Harvest Management and Alfonso Gutiérrez, Head of the Industrial sector.

Gonzalo Robles -on the right side of the image- is an Agricultural Engineer and a specialist in the preservation of perishablesHe has worked for more than a decade in continuous improvement of perishables supply chain of leading importers and supermarkets in Europe and their suppliers around the globe.

Alfonso Gutiérrez Ramírez  -on the left side of the image- has over twenty years' experience in the commercial area of the Industrial market in dry chemical filtration systems in South America and the Caribbean, in the treatment of gases, odour and corrosion.

Founded in 1996, Bioconservacion is Europe’s most renowned and reliable manufacturers of air filtration and gas purification solutions. Serving a network of Partners Distributors in different territories and global leading groups in the air filtration industry.

By continually investing in new technologies and R&D programmes to improve performance, we strive to deliver innovative air filtration solutions.