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Blue Skies, founded in 1997 by a British entrepreneur, produces ‘fresh-cut fruit’ from factories in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil. Blue Skies exports its ready-to-eat packaged exotic fruits to retailers in Europe.

The company’s first factory was established in Ghana in 1998. The Ghana facility alone employs over 1500 people and supplies over twelve large European retailers including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. The company’s other factories in Egypt, South Africa and Brazil have been established to enable the business to offer a diversified range of year round fresh-cut fruits.

Key figures for Blue Skies Ghana

  • 20 Tons of processed and packed fruit per day!
  • Daily airfreight shipments to the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, UAE …
  • Various cold rooms for storage of fresh produce
  • Ghana factory contributes for 50% of turnover

In order to process large quantities of fresh fruit, Blue Skies operates an innovative logistical system. This organization relies on continuous sourcing of fresh produce.  Furthermore, an optimum storage environment is an objective in order to minimise waste and maximise output

Bioconservacion Air Purification units  are self contained equipments. The devices actively remove ethylene and volatile organic compounds inside eight of Blue Skies’ cold stores.

A key issue that Blue skies had to overcome was the short storage period of ready to eat Mangoes.

Prior to using Bioconservacion Air Purification Solutions, The regular storage period of Mangoes was ONE week at 6-8ºC.

Once using Bioconservacion Air Purification Solutions,  extend storage period of Mangoes was improved by one to TWO weeks at 6-8ºC.

The extra time gained by the Bioconservacion solution allows Blue Skies to process  more mangoes without compromising any crop.

Blue Skies also uses the Bioconservacion ethylene filters inside their reefer containers. They succesfully source Mangoes from other African countries and transport them to the Ghanean processing plant.  This way, the quality and ripening of the fruit is maintained for sea voyage as long as 45 days.

Benefits of Ethylene Absorption Solutions proposed by Bioconservacion

  • 2 to 3 times extra shelf life inside cold stores
  • Reduction of fungal growth
  • Waste reduction, decay
  • Improved hygiene inside cold stores and the reefer containers
  • Overall cost reductions by maximizing pack out 


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