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Le Verger de la Blottière & Bioconservation
Health, taste and environmentally friendly 
Le Verger de la Blottière is a family-run company located in Maine-et-Loire in western France, which has been producing highly valued and quality apples and pears for three generations.

Le Verger de la Blottière produces 20 different varieties of apples and pears, all valued for their taste and aromatic properties, where the notable Antares apple merits mention, which was created in house and has exclusive commercialisation.

In 2004, the company cofounded the Demain la Terre Association. This association brings together producers that are committed to offering consumers high quality products that fulfil the safety, nutrition and taste of their fruits and vegetables.

To this end, they have identified the three priorities of end consumers: health, taste and environmental friendliness. These producers must comply with a long list of specifications in order to meet this commitment.

Since its beginning, the company philosophy has been based on fruit production, combining cutting-edge technology with natural methods, all with great environmental friendliness. A couple examples that well illustrate this philosophy are:
  • The use of tit and coal tit birds, natural predators of the parasitical larvae on apples. This eliminates the need for insecticides to protect against apple moths.
  • The implementation of a drip micro-irrigation system in their orchards, and the use of closed loop water circuits, which filter and recycle the water for its reuse.
  • The use of organic fertilisers that help re-establish the balance of the soil.
In line with this philosophy, Le Verger de la Blottière has been using Bioconservation solutions to remove ethylene for many years.

Apples and pears are fruits that produce significant amounts of ethylene. Ethylene is known as the ripening hormone, because it regulates all processes associated with fruits’ ripening and senescence. It is a natural gaseous hormone that is present in all vegetables and fruits. In large apple and pear maintenance facilities, this gas accumulates in cold stores, accelerating the ripening of the fruits, even in atmosphere controlled systems.

Unlike other technologies, the Bioconservacion system removes the accumulated ethylene in a non-invasive manner. Its products purify the air without coming into direct contact with the fruit, thus preventing the risk of them having chemical residues. This is why Bioconservación products can also be used on organic fruits and vegetables.

Bioconservación solutions, distributed in France by the company Emcaral, fit perfectly with Le Verger de la Blottière’s philosophy and its commitment to quality with end consumers.