by Bioconservacion February 28th, 2018 0 comments

Bioconservacion launches a new tool for its customers in the postharvest sector, the Keep It Fresh program, consisting of a system for leasing Ethylclean (ETH) machines for cleansing the air and eliminating ethylene from fresh product storage chambers. The Keep It Fresh program ensures the correct functioning of the machines and granulates over time and offers the following advantages:

- It requires no initial investment, as a monthly fee covers maintenance and the automatic renewal of consumables, with the machines in concession.

- It allows the air to be sanitised by removing 99% of the particles and filtering gases such as ethylene, limonene, acetaldehyde and ethanol. It also controls the growth of fungi and bacteria

- It lengthens the commercial life of fresh produce, avoiding early ripening and reducing waste residues.

- It contributes a greater use rate to the facilities and conservation chambers

- All this contributes to an increased profit margin for the wholesaler, who can decide the best moment at which to put their products on sale in optimum conditions.

To download the brochure, click on the picture: