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 James Mash, new Director of BION-USA unit, in the middle of the image, with Niccolo Moreno, Bioconservacion General Manager (on the right) and Máximo Carone, Business Development Manager (on the left). 

James Mash, past President /CEO of Purafil Inc., joins Bioconservacion, as our Director of our new business entity BION – USA based in Atlanta, Georgia.

James has been in the air purification industry for more than 20 years, during which time he has held top management positions in manufacturing, sales and management. His background in this business gives him an overall understanding, which will help Bioconservacion to develop our presence in all areas of the marketplace globally and especially in the USA and Asia.

Let’s know him a little bit:

- James, can you tell us why are you working in this industry? How did you start?

The quality of the air we breathe and the damaging effect of the air quality on our environment, on those sensitive electronics and processes that allow us to function daily and on our global industry in general may be the most critical issues the world faces today.

- Now tell us about your experience during these 23 years.

After two decades successfully working in the Mechanical Contracting industry as a Construction Manager, designing and installing HVAC systems for major projects like 70 floor hi-rise buildings and the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport project I realized the importance of air quality and transitioned to a career focusing on air quality.

My last 23 years in the air quality marketplace gave me the experience and knowledge of how air quality media and systems function as I served as Vice President of Manufacturing & Engineering. Also, on how the global marketplace functions and how to assist and communicate with those customers on specific issues as Vice President of Global Sales. And finally, how to manage and build a successful business as President and CEO of a leading global manufacture providing products and services to the world markets. 

- How would you describe your leadership style?

I am a hands on manager and a self-starter because I enjoy what I do. At this point in my life I enjoy assisting others in resolving problems. I live by a motto of…"do what you say you will do 100% of the time.” Because I have served in manufacturing, sales, marketing, business development and senior management I have a well-rounded knowledge of the air quality business. In addition, because I have traveled around the world over 200 times and have successfully conducted business in over 80 countries, I maintain a strong understanding of diverse business cultures. I embrace life, people and providing solutions. 

- Tell us about an accomplishment that shaped your career

Initially I worked with my hands in construction and learned the importance of hard work. I learned early that you may not always be the smartest or the best connected but you can control how hard you work and dedicate yourself to working harder than everyone else to gain an advantage. I was blessed throughout my career with people who served as mentors who challenged and guided me to success. I was given opportunities and found how to continue my development and how to succeed in many roles. 

- What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I have always enjoyed my work so I have had to focus on my free time. I coached and refereed soccer in the US for over 20 years rising in the referee ranks to become a level just below FIFA. I enjoy working out almost daily and recently dedicated more time to playing golf. I have two grown children and I enjoy spending time with my family. 

- How did you know about Bioconservacion and what did you know?

I knew of Bioconservacion as a competitor working mostly in the Post-Harvest business. I learned they provided a good product and I began to see them more and more in different markets. Based primarily in Europe I identified Bioconservacion as a company to track and look at future growth for them.

- Which was your first impression of the company when visiting it? 

During my recent visit I was very impressed with the leadership and the people within the organization. I was given a facility tour and realized Bioconservacion had a substantial manufacturing site and were undergoing dramatic upgrades to their manufacturing. I saw first-hand of their lab. capabilities and the quality of their organization. I was very impressed and encouraged them to have more customer visit to share the experience. Also, the knowledge and personalities of the people at Bioconservacion were amazing. 

- What makes you excited about Bioconservacion project?

With my previous business life, I was heavily involved in managing a leader in the marketplace for Gas Phase filtration. However, with numerous ownership changes at my old company I see an opportunity for a new leader. A company that invest in manufacturing technology and people to build state of the art products and provide key services unavailable in today’s business environment. 

- What do you hope to accomplish within the next years?

Over the next few years I want to dedicate my efforts to facilitate a change in the marketplace when considering air quality solutions. I think this will come with an expansion in the role of the leader and a diversification of products and services provided to industry and to everyday people in many different cultures of the world. Air quality is becoming the “buzz word” of the world with the development of new standards, in magazines and trade articles, in the changing design scope of buildings and manufacturing. 

- And in the long term?

Long term is difficult to determine with the rapid changes we have seen in air quality. I think the key will be to work hard at the business of air quality as we know it today but to also listen and consider the “what if” approach to air quality. Look beyond our current knowledge and needs, and imagine air quality needs for the future and how that may transition. Participate with other leaders in the marketplace to help shape the future and to make certain Bioconservacion contributes to our global air quality future in any way possible.

Thank you, James and welcome to Bioconservacion family.