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Ethylene also has a harmful effect on cut flowers...
Ethylene is an invisible, odour-free gas, produced naturally during the life cycle of flowers and plants, which can cause the premature death of flowers, the loss of their petals and/or abnormal opening, among other negative effects.
This damage can be virtually eliminated, if we apply BIOCONSERVACION's solutions for ethylene removal. Atmospheres which are free of ethylene not only prolong the freshness and appearance of flowers but also make them less vulnerable to fungal infections such as Botrytis.
Not all flowers are equally sensitive to ethylene: in some cases very low concentrations (only a few ppb) can be enough to cause irreparable damage to flowers.

  • Carnations: a few hours of exposure to 20 ppm of ethylene are enough for the first symptoms of senescence to appear.
  • Roses: most species (Golden Fantasy, Lovely Girls, Candia, etc.) are sensitive to 20 ppb
  • Orchids: sensitivity depends on the variety:
    • Vanda, Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, sensitive to 2-20 ppb
    • Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Dendrobium, sensitive to 200 ppb

BIOCONSERVACION has an excellent technical service, which, after analysing each individual case, can recommend the most suitable solution.