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by Bioconservacion August 9th, 2018 0 comments

Ready to roll! 

BION proudly presents BION® SORB MAX. A new formula developed and produced fully in-house. BION is the first company that manufactures spheres in Europe and the First World manufacturer of both extruded pellets & spheres. BION converts harmful gases from the air into harmless materials that are trapped inside our media products.

BION® SORB MAX is a new alumina-based media with 8% potassium permanganate and appropriate additives. The new spherical porous pellets feature fast adsorption kinetics and low pressure drop.


When it should be used?

BION® SORB MAX has been designed by BION to efficiently remove pollutants such as acidic gases, Nitrogen and Sulphur containing compounds and low molecular weight volatiles.

BION® SORB MAX is specially recommended for Formaldehyde, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Inorganic and Organic Acids and Light VOC’s.


Where it should be used?

BION® SORB MAX is recommended for a wide range of environments such as refineries, waste water treatment plants, pulp & paper plants, chemical plants, sensitive electronics industry, airports and exhaust gases.

BION® SORB MAX has been designed for treatment of odors, corrosion control, desulphurization and all those applications requiring short residence time.


Main features.
  •           Highest Adsorption Efficiency and Capacity. Best tested results for industrial applications and markets.
  •           Short delivery time. Available in bulk and disposable modules.
  •           Spheres are formed from premium raw materials in an optimized production process.
  •           Available in blend with other BION products. 
  •           Optimal sieving process for dust reduction.