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Bioconservacion and Ethylene Control in the IX Iberian Symposium on Ripening and Postharvest

The Portuguese Horticulture Association (APH) and the Spanish Society of Horticultural Science (SECH) will hold the IX Iberian Symposium on Ripening and Postharvest in Lisbon from 2 to 4 November 2016, to coincide with the III National Symposium and IX Spanish Symposium on this major business area in science.

During the event, which is held every two years, leading researchers and internationally renowned technical experts will discuss the latest news in postharvest systems within a framework of knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences.

Bioconservacion will participate and give a lecture on Ethylene Control in apple conservation, titled ‘Use of a potassium permanganate ethylene absorbent to maintain quality in apple during ULO cold storage"

We have published many articles and success stories on the benefits of removing ethylene in order to prolong the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, specifically apples. We recommend the article on the success of applying our technology in removing ethylene in “La Verger de la Blottière. To read the article click here.

The Symposium will also discuss other matters, such as:

  • Postharvest losses: a global problem
  • Biology and physiology in ripening and post-harvest
  • Conservation and minimal processing technologies
  • Quality management in the supply chain
  • Functional and nutritional changes in senescence, ripening and conservation
  • Consumer and industry requirements and environmental sustainability
  • Postharvest Pathology

For more information on the Symposium click here.