Through its own, fully equipped laboratory, Bioconservacion has the means to perform a wide range of analytical tests to ensure our customers receive personalised technical assessment.

Corrosion Control

Bioconservacion installs corrosion coupons (silver and copper) for air quality evaluation purposes. Once the measurement period recommended by Bioconservacion ends, these are removed. Our laboratory then analyses the results and provides a detailed report of the environmental air quality, identifying and classifying the pollutants present.

Bioconservacion’s air quality classification offers the following advantages:

  • Simplicity and Economy – the methodology to measure air quality does not require cumbersome or expensive monitoring equipment.
  • Practicality and Effectiveness – The results are correlated directly with standardised industry classifications.
  • Reliability - The amount of corrosion formed in the labels during a specified period is a primary indicator of how well the environment in which they are placed is controlled.
  • Comprehensive – The analysis of the labels reveals information about the gasses present, their estimated concentration and the effects of humidity.
Analysing the life span of mediums

Bioconservacion has the necessary knowledge and technology to analyse and determine the remaining life-span of the granules. This analysis is particularly useful to ensure that the change of the medium is done at the optimal moment.

Environmental Analysis

Our technical services have a range of portable equipment to take sample measures of gasses in any environment. These samples are analysed in our own laboratory to develop a comprehensive diagnosis of environmental conditions, thereby ensuring the client receives the most appropriate solution to address their unique circumstances.