Founded in 1996, BIOCONSERVACION is Europe’s most renowned and reliable manufacturers of air filtration and gas purification solutions. Serving a network of Partners Distributors in different territories and global leading groups in the air filtration industry. 

By continually investing in new technologies and R&D programmes to improve performance, we strive to deliver innovative air filtration solutions

We help our customers to be more successful through innovative gas filtration solutions  which add value to their business. Bioconservacion provides added value by having its own laboratory to perform gas analysis and absorption capacity, as well as corrosion analysis and many other analytical tests. This ensures that our clients can benefit from our excellent technical consultancy and assessment.

Bioconservacion have significant knowledge and experience in helping to design and provide bespoke problem solving. The technical team analyses a wide range of problems resulting in the provision of the most efficient and suitable solutions for clients.

Bioconservacion offers a wide range of solutions to meet any needs related to air filtration:

  • Post- harvest treatment : Ethylene, VOCs  and fungal spores removal
  • Corrosion control in equipment rooms
  • Odour control in WWTP and landfills
  • Desulphurisation and siloxane elimination in Biogas plants
  • Interior Air Quality in buildings
  • Preservation of historic materials

Bioconservacion is committed to providing top quality, innovative answers that yield the best results for our clients.

Bioconservacion is in compliance with the following regulatory standards and certifications: 

  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • Best Ethylene Absorption Capacity (SGS & Bureau Veritas)
  • REACH number 7440-44-0 Regulation 
  • EU regulation number 10/2011 regarding plastic materials and objects that come into contact with food

Compliance with these standards and certifications help us to ensure quality ans customer satisfaction.