Our mission is to set the standard in the areas of air filtration and gas purification. We supply innovative solutions to improve the quality of the food and vegetables we consume as well as for the air we breathe and the environment we inhabit.

To achieve this Bioconservacion:

  • Develops and manufactures leading-edge products, providing first-class solutions for our partners.
  • Provides personalised technical support in both the identification and the analysis of each specific case, as well as in designing the solution and developing services from our laboratory.
  • Invests in R&D, developing innovative solutions leading change in industry standards
  • Works in harmony with society’s best interests, using sustainable resources which respect our environment.


Following this link you can see an online map that shows air pollution flow across the planet in real time (Science magazine).
We are worried about that, that’s why we work hard to improve the air quality of the planet  and we are proud to be Clean Air Experts.