Bioconservacion offers innovative solutions for post-harvest ecological protection of fresh produce, ensuring optimal air quality during transportation and storage. This improves the quality of fruit, vegetables and flowers in the entire distribution chain.



Industrial activities, such as those undertaken in petrochemical plants, refineries, the paper industry, etc. tend to emit large quantities of corrosive acidic gasses. Bioconservacion delivers solutions to purify these gasses and avoid corrosion problems in control rooms, electrical equipment, etc.


Indoor air quality in public buildings in polluted areas are often congested with particles and/or contaminating gases which often increase discomfort of the people inside and also affects negatively their efficiency and productivity. The solutions offered by Bioconservacion improve air quality by eliminating those bothersome gases with bothersome or even harmful consequences such as is the case in airports, offices, hotels, shopping centres, and others


Emissions of gases with unpleasant odours, which are annoying, or even toxic and nocuous, are typical in water treatment plants and landfills. These gasses can reach nearby populated areas. Bioconservacion offers air filtering solutions eliminating the annoying or nocuous odours that affect human health.


Numerous studies point to environmental pollution as the primary problem in the preservation of historical items or records. Bioconservacion offer solutions to ensure that the control of environmental conditions in art galleries, museums and archives are optimal for the preservation of art and valuable records.

OEM Agreements

Bioconservacion is Europe’s reference manufacturer in gas-phase filtration and purification solutions. Our commitment is to provide customized efficient solutions to optimise each application: produce preservation in postharvest, odour treatment, corrosion control, biogas purification, indoor air quality, and many others.

In Bioconservacion, our experience and expertise coupled with our production capacity and quality management, we offer the possibility to work as an OEM partner. Our highly skilled team can support each phase of the solution: design, development, laboratory testing and production, which qualify us as the perfect partner for the joint definition of OEM solutions with or without private labelling.

Our solutions are adapted to customers’ individual conditions and needs and designed to offer the best and most efficient production process.

Bioconservacion is ISO 9001certified company. Quality, service and close collaboration with our customers during the entire process qualifies Bioconservacion as your best ally for your OEM products.