Bi-On S is a bituminous activated carbon with sulphide. Due to the excellent physical properties of the carbon and the high sulphur content, it adsorbs until 60% by weight. Indicated for residence time superior to 1 s.

Bi-On S presents a good alternative to active carbon (AC) for solvents recovery such as ethyl acetate and ethanol which are commonplace in the graphic printing business (tampography, flexography, etc.) these applications.

Bi-On S avoids risk factors (e.g. auto ignition) of AC, which could damage the installation and release large quantities of toxic substances with the corresponding risks to human health, and the environment.

The sulphur reacts in an irreversible way with mercury producing sulphide mercury, which is a chemically very stable mineral. This way there is no risk of desorption. 

Hg + S → HgS (s)


  • Natural zeolites, which make up the active component in the filtering medium Bi-On® S, don’t have an auto-ignition point, whereas AC has an auto-ignition point reached at approximately 420-450ºC.
  • Eliminates fire risks present in installations dedicated to the recovery of such solvents as ethanol and ethyl acetate.
  • Does not generate the troublesome dust and dirt that AC generates.
  • Facilitates the handling of refills in filtering towers for recovery units.
  • No risk of desorption.
  •  Suitable for a wide temperature range and humidity.
  • The final product is stable.


 Bi-On S is especially appropriate in installations dedicated to the recovery of solvents such as ethyl acetate and ethanol.